Todd just got back from Tanzania with a few photos to share with us. In his words: “Back on the grid after a long coffee hunt in South Tanzania. Tough time but found a beautiful unicorn of a coffee!”

UPDATE 3/12: The coffee is available for purchase here.

DSC00650 DSC00679 DSC00699 DSC00726 DSC00731 DSC00736 DSC00773 DSC00777 DSC00798 DSC00811 DSC00824 DSC00831 DSC00840 DSC00861 DSC00914 DSC00935 DSC00982 DSC00986 DSC00990


  1. Great shots…but you blew the surprise!! It seems apparent that indeed, Todd Carmichael did, in his quest, discover the alluring coffee quarry!! 🙂

  2. Love the pictures. Did Hollywood (John M.) take them? Heard so much about your adventures from S & L can’t wait to see them.

    1. Great question, Michael! Maybe someday all the peeps that have watched hours of Dangerous Grounds can take a test and get access to some AAA.

  3. My new favorite exploring show! And the Mexican Guerreo and Uganda single blends are my new favorite coffees! I love the exploring , the search for unique coffees and meeting different peoples of the world. I love Todd’s commitment!

    1. There is the possibility of a new Uganda soon. We’ll know shortly. There are no current plans for PNG, but never say never. A new crop is on the water, and needs to be tasted when it’s ready.

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