On October 5, 2013, the Philadelphia branch of The Deli Magazine celebrated its 5th anniversary at PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art) with a music showcase of emerging local bands and a cocktail hour. The Deli Magazine is an online and print (NYC) indie music publication in various cities throughout the U.S. – primarily focused on local music within each city. Attendees were encouraged to dress up in their favorite vintage outfits and while it was apparent that the ladies took advantage of this opportunity to get all dolled up, all who came out had a great time dancing to rising Philly artists Night Panther, Literature and The Homophones, while enjoying La Colombe’s cold-pressed Pure Black, the official non-alcoholic beverage for the event.

Check out our photos from the evening that were provided by Deli photographers Zach Blum and Brandi Lukas. For more info about The Deli Philly or to learn about the best up-and-coming homegrown indie music acts, you can go HERE.

La Colombe - Bash - 1

La Colombe - Bash - 2

La Colombe - Bash - 3

Literature - Bash

Night Panther - Bash - 1

Night Panther - Bash - 2

The Homophones - Bash

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