Last weekend our “brew crew” landed at the US Regional Coffee Championship in Durham, NC where La Colombe co-founder Todd Carmichael won the title for the US North East Brewers Cup.

Todd presented the Finca Auromar “Ironman” Geisha from Panama, achieving the highest score by using a technique he describes as the “Polished Immersion – Suspended Double Filtration” method. He “polished” a full immersion brew through a Chemex with bent glass rods suspending a double filter, Kone gold filter as the pre-filter and paper as the finishing.

Congratulations to our head coffee geek!!

Todd will be in the National finals held at the annual SCAA event in Seattle. If you’d like to try the coffee variety that Todd used to win the 2014 Big Eastern Championship check out our Geisha from Hacienda La Esmeralda, Panama here.


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