Thanksgiving is on Thursday and a lot of us will be gathering around tables full of food, family, and friends. Family is awesome and all, but Thanksgiving dinners run LONG and sometimes all that togetherness can be a bit much. We’ve got the perfect thing to take the edge off – a boozy mulled cider that’ll get you through the day.

Different Drum Mulled Cider

1) Add 2 gallons of your favorite cider to a large pot and bring to a simmer.

2) While heating, tie these spices into a cheesecloth bundle:

– ½ cup dried fruit (cherries and cranberries work great!)

– ¼ orange zest

– 6-12 cloves

– 4 star anise

– 2 tablespoons of whole Allspice

3) When the cider begins to steam, reduce heat to low and add spice bag.

4) While maintaining the lowest heat, steep spices for 45-60 minutes. Skim off any foam with a ladle.

5) After steeping, take out the spice bag with tongs and turn off the heat.

6) Depending on your tolerance level (of both alcohol and family), add Different Drum Rum to taste. Serve warm for best results.

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