It’s been one heck of a year and we are so unbelievably grateful to have such an amazing team supporting each other. From the cafes and kitchen, to sales and marketing, to our warehouse/production team, and farmers across the world – thank you. You all deserve a pie.

Speaking of pie, if you didn’t have time to place a pre-order from our Fishtown, Philadelphia café you still have a chance to grab one before your Thanksgiving meal. We spoke to our insanely talented pie-whisperer, Cydney, about the magic she’s been baking up, and friends – hold on to your coffee cup. We have (limited quantities) of three different, 8-inch pies available for purchase on Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Apple Cinnamon Crumble ($18)
  • Vanilla Bourbon Pecan ($22)
  • Pumpkin Winter Spice ($18)

If you’re wondering what you could pair with our pies for dessert Cydney’s got your back. With the Apple Cinnamon Crumble, she suggests good ‘ole vanilla ice cream. But, if you’re feeling brave, or maybe slightly hopped up on that Different Drum, try it with some sharp cheddar. For the Pumpkin Winter Spice Cydney recommends whipped cream with a dash of nutmeg to make it extra festive. When asked about the Vanilla Bourbon Pecan, she said, “Straight up. It’s that good.” Okay Cydney, we see you.

But pie aside,  we want to say, “thank you.” Thank you for the supported over the years. You are the reason we wake up every morning to roast.

Peace and love from our La Colombe family to yours.


  1. Thank you for coming to Washington, DC and then for expanding the number of cafes in the city. It’s wonderful to be able to go almost anywhere now and be reasonably close to really good coffee and a first place to grab a bite and some conversation. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your whole team!

  2. Holiday lights + Savoia = Happiness! Thanks for the magic beans with miracle roasts; J.K.Rowling would love LC. Thank you!

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