What Would a Barista Buy?


Gifting season is coming up quick and if you’re trying to buy something for a coffee lover, it makes sense to turn to the experts. Baristas from each La Colombe city threw down some suggestions of the kind of coffee gifts they would like to give – and get!

*Don’t see the perfect present for your favorite coffee head? Visit our full Barista Gift Guide here!



Name: Ethan Gatrell

Position: Cafe Manager, Manhattan Laundry, DC

Bio: Cat lover, spontaneous traveler, Sci-Fi addict, & believes dessert should be served first.





[shopify product=https://www.lacolombe.com/products/the-dove-t-shirt]

[shopify product=http://www.lacolombe.com/products/glass-handle-chemex-coffeemaker]

[shopify product=http://www.lacolombe.com/products/workshop-gift-subcription]




Name: Harry Winkler

Position: Previously – Barista, Philly & Currently – Roaster, Chicago

Bio: Lover of drawing, collecting books I may or may not read, & endurance running in the winter.




[shopify product=https://www.lacolombe.com/products/apolis-market-bag]

[shopify product=http://www.lacolombe.com/products/art-of-origin-prints]

[shopify product=http://www.lacolombe.com/products/ethiopia-pack-ardi-yirgz]

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