It’s cold people. Like so cold that we typed the first draft of this blog post was while wearing gloves (it was completely illegible). We shiver at the thought of going outside, which is why we’re warming up with a hot cup of tea from our Tea & Tisane collection. Because it’s National Hot Tea Month and whether you’re defrosting or just dreaming of your bed, these tea tips will keep you warm all January.

Water is ?
One of the easiest ways to upgrade your tea is to use freshly drawn cold filtered or spring water. Remember, 99% of your tea is H2O and using tap water will negatively affect the taste. So next time you brew, you might want to rethink filling directly from the sink.


Temperature Matters
Depending on which tea you’re brewing, water temperatures can fluctuate. For example, our Golden Turmeric Tisane should steep with the water heated to 212°F, while the Hojicha Green Tea steeps at 180°F. Each tea has an ideal warmth that brings the complex flavors to their full potential. Our Stagg Tea Kettles make it easy to reach the perfect temperature and pour the perfect cup-o-tea.


Tea Bags No More
You read that correctly. It’s no secret that whole leaf loose tea has the most robust and flavorful tasting notes, but why not tea bags? Welp, the reality is that tea bags are filled mostly with broken leaves. On top of the low quality leaf, tea bags don’t provide enough space for the leaves to unfurl and truly bring out the best flavors. That’s why we provide our premium pyramid shaped sachets (that are seriously large and loose knit), so that you can experience the quality of loose leaf without the hassle. Don’t worry, we offer both so get steeping!

Try Something Different
It’s 2017… new year… new you… new tea!?! Our Tea & Tisane collection is sourced from ancient tea origins such as Japan, China, and Thailand. From the citrusy and malty notes of an organic tea from the Yunnan region of China, to the hints of cedar and baked pear harvested in the Doi Mae Salong Mountains in Thailand—our global flavors are a must have.

Learn more about the Tea & Tisane collection on our website.



  1. Not tea tips, but maybe Twitter poster tip for today: Val, I think ‘Under Pressure,’ then I think Freddie Mercury (love), then I think we might be in Mercury Retrograde right now, so it could be a sign not to make any major changes right now.

  2. Sorry, this is not a tea tip. Just wanted to say that PHL17 had a great interview with Lauren Hart at 11 pm on The Invincible A List and it was so fun. I think I missed the very beginning, but, I really was hoping the camera crew would show the at-home kitchen with every piece of coffee equipment, every coffee and a refrigerator full of every type of draft latte. They did show a picture or two of TC and the classic LaColombe sign!

  3. Hey LC Tweeters! Merriam Webster pronounces GIF with a hard G. We are using it online for a super Scrabble match so if it’s good enough for ‘official’ Srabble division play-offs, we’d go with the hard G. (Thanks for the delicious Monte Carlo.)

    1. Love the background on the GIF pronunciation! We’ve got some people who are dead set in their ways when it comes to the GIF debate!

      1. Graphics Interchange Format-graphics not jraphics? I’d love for the language experts (linguists) to weigh in…when you introduce a new term or word, do you control the pronunciation? Doesn’t each language have its own rules and conventions and sounds?

  4. I think Jarrett may have settled it. I just don’t know if the middle-schoolers will be persuaded. You could argue, once it enters popular culture, it’s decided by the norm in popular use. Keep us posted and, more impotantly, thanks for the delicious coffees!

  5. We only have two hot tea tips to share: 1. Try it with all different types of honey. 2. Drink it together with episodes of Sherlock. Seasons 1,2 and 3 are on Netflix and season 4 is on Masterpiece on PBS.

      1. Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch interpreting the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is our best recommendation. Just a suggestion, totally optional. The Final Problem episode airs again Wednesday at 9pm ET on Masterpiece on PBS.

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