Our newest Workshop coffee, Guatemala Altos del Volcan, is grown on the slopes of an active volcano. The farmers and millers of the Fraijanes region in Guatemala, meticulously grow and process their coffee with a belief in its exceptional quality.
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These producers, living and working on the slopes of an active volcano, understand the power of the mountain. Not only its destructive nature, but also the power of its soil to create complexity and uncommon beauty in the plants that grow there.
“The extremely rich volcanic soil of Guatemala is something special. Every day, every hour there are new layers of soil that nourish the coffee plants. Volcanic soil is coffee’s natural habitat, that is where it’s the happiest.” – Todd Carmichael
Coffee cultivated in this dangerous and rare locale reflect the potency of its environment, producing a complex yet inviting cup. With notes of honey, caramel, and lemon, each sip highlights unique Guatemalan flavors.
We highly recommend the Altos del Volcan if you’re looking for a lighter and brighter roast.


  1. Ummm, please be careful. (Your customers are already worried about you, picturing all of you in uncharted tropical locales, searching for and finding new varietals.)

    I would really love to hear all about the insurance issues surrounding that business practice.

    Can you imagine the conversations the insurers or re-insurers would have? You are probably making them work overtime.

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