We’re out at one of the largest food and beverage trade shows in the country, Natural Products EXPO West 2018. It is here where innovation and ingenuity collide. Food and beverage brands from across the globe come together for a spectacular show that truly highlights the amazing progress that is occurring within the culinary CPG space.

This year, we’ve upped the ante—announcing a lineup of new products, including seasonal flavors, a single-origin organic Pure Black and a line of innovative concept beverages.

Our two new Draft Latte flavors are unlike anything else: Honeysuckle and Brazilian Caramel. The Honeysuckle is deliciously light and floral, while the Caramel is perfect for a sweet tooth.

In addition to our new Draft flavors, we’re also debuting a new version of our Pure Black cold brew—this time with a single origin lightly roasted Colombian coffee. Pure Black Colombian Organic is is brewed for over 16 hours, making it extremely smooth and sippable.

We’ll also be premiering some of our innovative concept products including a Cold Brew Lemon Infusion, Draft Orange, Draft Lemon and a Latte Wand – to make a frothy hot latte at home.

Honeysuckle will be online and in our cafes this spring and while Brazilian Caramel and Pure Black Colombian Organic will be available this summer. Stay tuned for updates by following along on social @LaColombeCoffee.

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