Double, bubble, toil, and trouble. It’s officially spooky season and this year, the spirit of All Hallows gave us a little inspiration. In celebration of Halloween, we’re releasing a special Halloween coffee blend aptly named R.I.P. (Roasted in Philadelphia), giving a nod our hometown roastery.

The release of R.I.P. marks the first time we’ve ever released a holiday-inspired roasted coffee. This medium-roasted blend is uniquely comprised of three different coffees processed through three different methods: a naturally-processed Burundi, a honey-processed Sumatra, and a washed Nicaragua.

With notes of caramel cream, blackberry jam, and spice cake, R.I.P. encapsulates the flavors of Autumn. R.I.P. is available on our site through October 31 so grab a bag below before it’s gone like a ghost.

While you’re at it, take a look behind the scenes of our creative team capturing some Halloween-themed photography around our new blend.








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