Grilled Duck Confit and Cheese Sandwich
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There are a few reasons why this sandwich is La Colombe factory lunch favorite. First, it tastes stupid crazy good. I mean, just look at it. Next, the addition of the rich duck turns a banal grilled cheese into something memorable. And most importantly, although our inspiration often comes from classic French and American dishes, we rarely have the opportunity to combine the two countries. This sandwich lives on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and the Champs-Elysee. We think you’ll like it there.

duck grilled cheese 1 LCT

You can use any basic recipe for duck confit, and then, instead of preserving it, shred the meat, including the crisp skin. (If you are using duck confit made earlier or one that you buy, warm the meat up a bit in a sauté pan.) Layer the duck onto a slice of nice sandwich bread; seven grain or whole wheat is a good choice. Top with a few thin slices of a mildly nutty tasting cheese that melts well, like Emmenthaler or Fontina.

duck grilled cheese 2 LCT

Top with the second slice of bread, and press down lightly. Film a skillet with olive oil (butter burns too quickly), and get it hot (but not smoking) over medium heat. Brown the sandwich on both sides, and lower the heat under the pan, letting the sandwich steam long enough to melt the cheese and get it all oozy. Cut on the diagonal, and let ‘er rip.

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