Last week, we hosted a holiday brunch, pairing Draft Latte flavors with different bite-sized snacks. With the help from our friends at Maman in NYC, we invited some of our friends to come by and enjoy.

Original Draft Latte
With no added sugar and only 130 calories, we paired our healthiest Draft Latte with a healthy breakfast snack: Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfaits

Chai Draft Latte
As our only tea Draft Latte, it was a natural fit to pair with these Chai Spice Cakes.

Coconut Mocha Draft Latte
As one of our two plant-based Draft alternatives, we chose to pair with a Chocolate Raspberry Vegan Cake.

Peppermint Mocha Draft Latte
Who doesn’t love cookies and milk? Well since this was a holiday brunch, we paired our Peppermint Mocha with White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies and Milk Shots.


Triple Draft Latte
With a triple-espresso kick, we paired our highly caffeinated Draft Latte with a delicious savory bite to go: Smoked Salmon and Ricotta Mini Sandwiches


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