Are you really doing quarantine right if you don’t bake banana bread? @avacadoeats shares her delicious Paleo Banana Bread Coffee Cake made with our Monaco dark roast blend.


-3 ripe bananas

-2 T maple syrup

-3 eggs

-2 cups almond flour

-2 tsp cinnamon

-Pinch of salt

-1 tsp baking soda

-1 T of Monaco coffee ground


  1. Mix all of the wet together
  2. Add in the dry and mix well
  3. Pour into a parchment lined loaf pan
  4. Top with the paleo coffee cake crumble ( 3/4 cup almond flour, 1/4 cup coconut sugar, 1/4 cup room temp coconut oil, 1 T cinnamon)
  5. Bake at 350 for 45-50 min
  6. Cool for 1.5-2 hours before slicing

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