We started from the bottom now we’re here.

Twenty four years ago, two young entrepreneurs took a leap of faith. These two renegades set out to deliver on one simple, but profound promise: making people happy with coffee. By sourcing and roasting with care, and borrowing from ancient and modern coffee traditions, Todd and JP created La Colombe.

While there are more than a million reasons to celebrate, we’ve nailed it down to ten:

1. Baristas, trainers, roasters—from LA to Michigan to DC—we can’t celebrate without all 650+ employees

2. Draft Latte as the #1 fastest growing RTD beverage in the US.

3. Philly→ NYC→ DC→ Chicago→ Boston→ Cali→ we’ve got 30 cafes and counting.

4. Haiti Coffee Academy and all the farms, collectives, and farmers we work with across the globe.


5. All 140k+ fans on social.

6. Innovation behind Draft Latte, like our Honeysuckle (and more on the way).

7. From light → dark and everything in-between, we’ve got 26+ coffee options and we’re always working on new ones.

8. CPG and grocery partners that help make our products available in stores across the entire country.

9. Our hospitality partners, helping bring La Colombe to cafes, restaurants, hotels and more

10. Todd and JP – the men, the myths, the legends.

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