As you may have seen on Twitter or the Gram, we were at Sundance Film Festival last week! But why exactly were we there? Well, we were lucky enough to spend the week serving free coffee to anyone and everyone that stopped by the Sundance TV headquarters. While we served existing fans and people who have never heard of us, we had a blast and experiencing all that Park City and Sundance has to offer.

Here goes our top 5 favorite things from the festival….

I mean how predictable? But seriously… it’s the whole reason we were there. Serving up coffee at Sundance TV HQ for the week. We served stars and normies alike, either with free craft beverages, drip coffee, tea or of course, a can of Draft Latte. Shout out to our incredible team for making this possible!

Obviously, the films were the best part of Sundance. From inspiring documentaries like STEP and Motherland to short films like Alone and Laps—each film had a powerful message and left us wanting more… popcorn.

Park City had over nine feet of snow before we even arrived at Sundance. Then mother nature decided to drop an extra 2 ½ feet on us during the week. While yes it was cold and a maybe a bit annoying, it lead to some of the freshest pow we’ve ever skied.


It’s true, Sundance brings out the stars. We saw A-listers, B-listers, and even “Are-They-Listers?” While we can’t totally disclose who we served and saw, just know that they were more star struck that La Colombe was at Sundance than anything else. Does this Banksy piece count as a star??

We had an up close VR look at Cirque Du Soleil, listened to keynote speakers from a variety of different films, experienced driving a sports car without moving at all, and of course attended the Women’s March with Chelsea.


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  1. Yay, Sumatran! Liz Clayton wrote online for Serious Eats about why Sumatran coffees are so good. Liz also is a really great contributor to Sprudge.

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