If you’re a cafe regular then you’re probably familiar with our iconic Deruta mugs. As one of our cafe staples, we take pride in the history and artistry that goes into making these unique pieces.

The vibrant colors and perfectly imperfect designs add so much character to our spaces, so we wanted to give you glimpse into why we love these mugs.


It all started 23 years ago when our founders, Todd and JP, set off on a journey across France and Italy to drink exceptional coffee, eat incredible food, and meet lifelong friends who would ultimately inspire the first ever La Colombe cafe.

It was on this trip, in a small town called Deruta, Italy, that the dove mugs were born. A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to visit the workshop where our mugs are created to learn about what make these mugs so special.

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  1. From the Homeland. Deruta is a small town located in the hills of central Italy. The region is known for their handcrafted ceramics, which are sold around the world. The hand painted pottery (majolica), has been a long standing tradition that dates back to the middle ages. The height of production and popularity was in the late 15th century, where ceramics were seen as a symbol of power and wealth. Nowadays, it’s a symbol of a warm cup of workshop coffee.
  2. One of the Oldest Designs. Our dove mug is actually a variation of one of the oldest majolica designs. The original artwork featured a ½ lion ½ eagle creature known as a Griffin. This beast is a symbol of the region and is often associated with strength and leadership. The dove is our brand symbol and is often associated with caffeine and happiness.
  3. Hand Painted. Each piece is meticulously hand painted. Our good friend Michelle heads the family business where they create a wide range of items from antique reproduction, vases, to ornaments and other items. The family has been crafting majolica for generations and they continue to create top notch ceramics.


  4. And Now You Can Take a Deruta Home. We’ve heard you loud and clear that the mugs are awesome and that they would love amazing in your kitchen cabinet. So, we’ve made our mugs available online for limited time only. Bring a bit of the cafe home with you and purchase your set here.

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