“There’s a war in the city and no, we can not let our people down. I hope you’re ready, people get wit me cuz we about to bring the kingdom down” – Ill Fated Natives

We kicked off our very first Hope & Fury concert series last week with a bang that could be heard around Fishtown. That’s because the three-piece punk rockers, Ill Fated Natives, took to the stage full of life, attitude, and kick-ass tunes.

“We are not in politics, we are in activism. We are not here to preserve the past, we are here to invent the future” – Todd Carmichael

Our CEO, Todd Carmichael, along with Chill Moody, moderated the night’s conversations with the band and helped guide the discussion surrounding the topic of race in America.

The night turned out to be an awesome showing of Philadelphians supporting local music and local causes. Hope & Fury T-shirt sales were donated to Behind the Bars, an organization the band is close to which helps troubled youth through music.

In addition to our pizza and pretzel bites, we had free beer from our friends at Yards and Dock Street—which made everyone happy and hoppy.

The second Hope & Fury concert takes place in July, with killer female vocalist, Vita and the Woolf.

Check back soon for details on that show!

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