La Colombe Fishtown (the mothership of cafes), has been serving up delicious dishes, from soups and salads to pizza and sandwiches, since we opened in 2014. And when Executive Chef, Shea Powanda, came to us with new additions to the menu—our mouths watered and our tastebuds rejoiced. 

“It took a couple of months to finalize the menu. We had to test out the new dishes to make sure the timing would work out for everything, because this is such a fast pace moving restaurant.” – Shea Powanda

Croque Madam: Challah bread, rosemary ham, pickled fresnos, gruyere, sunny side egg, mixed herbs, Mornay sauce

Potato Rosti: Russet potato pancake, crema (sour cream and chobani yogurt) hazelnut caper relish, mixed herbs, sunny side egg

Skillet Pancake: Custard pancake, Caramelized apples, cherry butter, pickled cherries, whipped cream, granola

Roasted Carrot Salad: wood fired carrots, espellete vin, Celery, winter radish, mixed herbs, candied lemon, house made hummus, black sesame seeds (vegan, gluten free)

Salmon Platter: House cured salmon, sour cream, pickled red onion, capers, dill oil, crostini

Daily Rotating Toasts: Selection of rotating toasts including rosemary smoked chicken rillette, charred apple mustard, tomato jam

Find out more by visiting our about the Fishtown menu offerings on our site.

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