On November 2nd, we hosted our most important installment of the Hope and Fury concert series, which focused on the cruciality of voting in the midterm election that took place on Tuesday, November 6th. 

Photo by @kimmycapehart

C. Jae and Armani Lee opened the show with an impactful song they composed solely for the event. The performance was followed by special video messages from notable politicians Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren. Todd Carmichael then hyped up the crowd with a speech that highlighted the significance of everyone casting their vote.

Spoken word artist Stephen Cobb brought the house down with a poem titled “11 Things I’ll Tell America When it’s Too Late” stressing the potential lasting effects of not going to the polls.

Hardwork Movement, a nine-piece hip-hop group, stole the show for the rest of the night with with an infectiously high-energy performance that combined modern rap and neo-soul influences.

A special shout out to Owl’s Brew, Troegs, Yards, and Honey Grow for keeping the audience refreshed and energized throughout the night festivities.

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