Scenes from our Home Grown Supper Club

At La Colombe, we believe in eating locally and seasonally. In our flagship cafe in Fishtown, Philadelphia, we strive to serve fresh ingredients that celebrate our vibrant local food and spirits scene. Last night, we held the first event in our Home Grown Supper Club series, featuring a delicious meal presented by the farmers, cheese makers, bakers, mixologists, and chefs who had a hand in it. Folks from the neighborhood bonded over four courses of family-style local goodness, served both creatively and traditionally. Thanks to all who helped make it possible, including Greensgrow Farms, Valley Milkhouse Creamery, and Sprig & Spirit. For information about the next Home Grown Supper, subscribe to emails on our website or follow us on social media!

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1 Comment on Scenes from our Home Grown Supper Club

  1. Wish I was there.


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